Complete Privacy Policy Read Carefull.

1. The Account Of The Member Must Be Genuine,

2. It Is Mandatory To Have Email And Mobile Verification. 

3. It Is Mandatory To Have KYC Verification Of Member Account.

4. Only One Account With One Name, Mobile, Email, KYC Will Be Considered Valid.

5. It Is Mandatory For The Member To Have Account Activation To Avail Any Benefit.

6. Reward Points Which Are Worth Up To Rs.1 By The Company. Which Is Not Fixed.

7. To activate his account, it is mandatory for the member to do his video verification.

8. You Can Take Advantage Of All The Bonuses And Services Mentioned Above Only After The Launch Period 9. All The Above Mentioned Bonuses And Services Are Just An Offer. Which The Company Can Close Of The Company Anytime In Future.

10. Parishram India Does Not Force Any Person To Join.

11. Any product, service, online course, or any type of service or products purchased by the Member from the Company, and any defects in the products. Or the member is not satisfied with the service provided by any company. Or do not like any product. So the member can return the products to the company without any damage to the company within 7 days based on the refund policy of the company. And you can request your refund from the company. After examining the products given to the member, the company will give the member either another product or service in exchange for that product or service, or the cost of that product to the member and the company's service charge of 25% and all government charges on the products. After deducting the tax, the member will be returned in 45 days, member please note, if the member returns the products after 7 days. No refund will be given, nor products will be taken back.

12. TDS Will Be Deducted On The Basis Of Whatever Is The Guideline Of The Government.

13. Active Member Is Mandatory Required To Join All The Social Media Platforms Of The Company. 14. Withdrawal In Bank Will Be Charged upto 10% And P To P Transfer Will Also Be Charged upto10% By the Company.

15. Whatever Products, Services And Plan You Buy From Parishram India, You Can Refund It Within 7 Days, It Will Not Be Big. 

16. For better service or to receive any kind of complaint, problem, or information of any kind, including refund, product defect, dissatisfaction with any service or any other information, written application, email, It will be mandatory to give information through the support system or through the company's WhatsApp service,

17. There will be an agreement signed between the member and the company, which will be done by the member's own will.

17. Joining the company on your own free will only after reading all the terms and conditions given above by the member, Later the company will not be responsible in any way, no pressure is made on the member from the side of the company. Note For Any Benefit Of The Company And For New Updates,